"I joined Sal Yoga’s class with my wife. I had never done yoga before and, like most men I guess, was hesitant to join something I felt I would struggle with and which I perceived to be predominantly for women. However, my impressions were wrong. Tarini is a superb teacher, explains everything thoroughly and is most considerate and encouraging to variations in ability. I really enjoyed the experience and fully recommend it to anyone." Ian Kinnear, UK

"I could try to explain all the particularities of Tarini´s classes, but what would really be the best for you, is to experiment yourself the care, adaptability, loyalty and love that she uses to expand true yoga. I couldn´t be happier with the results of her teaching, and it is a fact I´m not the only one with this opinion; so I highly recommend her yoga, and I hope you have the lucky opportunity to try it. I can guarantee Tarini will help you finding the perfect tools to discover your personal yogic balance." Macarena Arráez Marcos, Spain

"I joined in the yoga class during my vacation at the Hotel Morabeza and for me that was an incredible experience. Tarini was a great teacher explaining very well the asanas; as well as what to do or not to do, so that I could significantly improve my practical understanding of asanas and sense of alignment, maybe even for the first time in the last couple of years that I have been into yoga. I like when teachers correct me if I am doing something wrong. I also liked the way Tarini explained some points about the spiritual part of it. I wish she were teaching in my city!" Ana Fernandez, Spain

"I am so grateful for my yoga practice with Tarini! I feel a huge difference in my shoulders and chest, in my hips and legs. My chest is more open, allowing the shoulders to find a much more correct position; my hips are less stiff and my legs are stronger. I also find the two sides of the body, the right and left, to be much more in balance. My new physical flexibility came together with a more relaxed, peaceful attitude. Attending regularly Sal Yoga classes with meditation has also helped me to become focused in my goals and to keep an overall positive attitude towards life. Ad it worked strongly at opening up my heart. Thank you for everything!" Rita Tojal, Portugal

"Tarini is an excellent teacher, thoroughly explains the positions, in several languages if necessary, and encourages and supports all her students, spending time watching them individually and correcting them where necessary. She has a lovely calm, gentle manner and makes the experience a wonderful one. I highly recommend Tarini to beginners and experienced yoga practitioners and look forward to attending her classes when possible." Sue Kinnear, UK

"It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve started practicing with Sal Yoga. For me, that has been a time for discovery and improvement in all senses. Thank you Tarini for your time, understanding and above all for being here." Joana Peres, Cape Verde