One summer I had a dream in which a small boy came to me with a message saying, "do Yoga".

Prior to that dream, Yoga was something I was neither practicing nor giving much thought about. What was also quite peculiar was that, although the boy was of a tender age, he was showing a kind of wisdom that felt exceptional and virtous in such a way I could not compare it to any worldly. For days afterwards I was as if under a spell of that vision. I also sensed I was given the outlines of an unknown path and the courage to tread it. 

When I was 28, I approached my first yoga class; a few years later I met with my meditation teacher. 

By including in my lifestyle some yogic advices on diet, cleanliness of body and mind, I was becoming more vital and felt better than ever before. I started listening to the inner guidance that was growing a clearer voice day by day.

Finally, I tried to lead a yoga asanas session and got the impression that from that moment on, I wanted to dedicate myself to a job in yoga. The conditions were favorable  to set it on the tropical island of Sal, and to offer my service to the travellers from Europe flocking there in search of surf and sun.

The name of Salyoga took root in that shooting phase which lasted for four years. In 2015, I was ready for the next step and chose Pula in Croatia as my base.